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Digital Access Card on mobile phone

Key Advantages for Smart ID integration

Digital IDs, or as NTMY like to call them, Smart IDs,are becoming an essential element of any organization. They not only control admittance to secure the organization’s locations but allow employees to access a range of other services, improve safety … Read More


A Secure and Centralized Solution for Employee Identification and Access

How would you like to eliminate the inconvenience of creating a physical employee ID? Perhaps you’ve heard of digital identifications that provide centralized control and access to your employees but weren’t sure how to implement them. The good news is … Read More

NTMY Beeah Partnership

Nice To Meet You Inc is Now Part of BEEAH Digital Cultural Engagement

In the recent past, Nice To Meet You, Inc (NTMY) partnered with Sharjah-based BEEAH Group to help them launch a new identity. We thank the BEEAH team for trusting us in our quest for Digital Cultural Engagement across the Cooperation … Read More

Asharq Bloomberg Interview with Nice to Meet You, inc.

In an interview conducted by Iqtisad Al Shareq Bloomberg with NTMY COO, Pyotr Bakass shares the importance of digital transformation for startups in specific and big organizations in general. Pyotr highlights that NTMY’s value proposition which is a simple, easy-to-use solution for … Read More

Nice to Meet You, Inc. Announces $1M Successful Seed Funding Campaign

Nice to Meet You, Inc (NTMY), is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed its seed funding campaign, raising $1 million in order to hire new talent and enhance the technology and customer experience provided by the company. The … Read More

Suprema, Inc. and Nice to Meet You, Inc. partner to bring mobile access to the GCC

Suprema, Inc. and Nice to Meet You, Inc. have partnered to bring mobile access to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). … Read More

Nice to Meet You Video picture

ScreenCheck signs exclusive distribution agreement with Nice to Meet You

ScreenCheck Middle East is now the official distributor of Nice to Meet You, Inc., the all-in-one digital identity & mobile access solution. … Read More