Smart Business Cards

Smart Business Cards

Safe, secure and easy to share.

Whether you’re meeting in person or connecting online, share your contact information with just one click or scan.

Embrace your brand and give a digital-first impression with easy to share digital business cards. With fully customisable branding and calls to action, you’ll stand out in a world where physical business cards are all too easily lost or thrown away.

Easy share dashboard

Share your contact details quickly and easily via SMS, WhatsApp, email and more.

Dynamic features

With customisable click-to-call or click-to-email icons and links, it’s quick to connect from the office, during meetings or on the go.

Unique QR code

Place auto-generated QR codes in employee email signatures and other sales or marketing material for instant connections.

Personal sharing link

Share and store business cards during webinars, online conferences and even Zoom calls.

In-app contact book for easy networking

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