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Smart ID

What is the "Nice to Meet You" solution?

Nice to Meet You is a one-stop solution for digitizing and authenticating identities.

Our clients use Nice to Meet You tools to authenticate their employees, customers and members, pioneering security, digital transformation and environmental sustainability.

Whether it is an organizational ID, access cards, membership cards, loyalty cards or insurance cards - you name it, we digitize it!

Authenticated Digital Identity
Authenticated Digital Identity
Identity Card, NICE TO MEET YOU


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Cost Optimization

Intact Brand Identity


How does it work?



Share with us the current organization card design, we'll digitize it.

Digital cards


Digital cards will be created and the directory will be synced.

digital, and authenticated


That's it! Cards will be sent out to users' emails, ready, digital, and authenticated!

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Different types of authenticated IDs

nice to meet you services

Membership Cards

nice to meet you services

Registered Licenses

Loyalty Cards

Insurance Cards

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Latest News

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Key Advantages for Smart ID integration

Digital IDs, or as NTMY like to call them, Smart IDs,are becoming an essential element of any organization. They not only control admittance to secure the organization’s locations but allow employees to access a range of other services, improve safety … Read More

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A Secure and Centralized Solution for Employee Identification and Access

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NTMY partners with Standard Chartered Bank UAE

We would like to announce our partnership with Standard Chartered Bank UAE. Standard Chartered is a multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, England. We expect that this agreement will be a massive success when our technology meets … Read More

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Nice To Meet You Inc is Now Part of BEEAH Digital Cultural Engagement

In the recent past, Nice To Meet You, Inc (NTMY) partnered with Sharjah-based BEEAH Group to help them launch a new identity. We thank the BEEAH team for trusting us in our quest for Digital Cultural Engagement across the Cooperation … Read More

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