A Secure and Centralized Solution for Employee Identification and Access


How would you like to eliminate the inconvenience of creating a physical employee ID? Perhaps you’ve heard of digital identifications that provide centralized control and access to your employees but weren’t sure how to implement them. The good news is a company called Nice to Meet You has created a namesake product that facilitates the switch from hard-copy employee ID to phone-based versions featuring an array of benefits.

Companies and organizations, from manufacturing businesses to the United Arab Emirates, the first paperless government, are realizing the value of keeping up with the movement toward comprehensive digital transformation for many reasons. Adopting digital employee ID and other fresh technologies that provide secure solutions for problems like centralized access control, security enhancement, and other vital functions keeps companies competitive. In addition, this technology supports governments and organizations moving forward to better serve their employees and even their customers.

Digital transformation is necessarily changing the way we do everything. Such is the case with digital ID, a means of phone-based identification that eliminates the need to order or create a physical ID. A pioneering business, Nice to Meet You, is paving the way for companies such as such The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) in KSA, Standard Chartered Bank in UAE and BEEAH, to name a few, to do away with physical employee ID by creating:

  • Convenient.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Custom-Designed Employee IDs.
  • Access Centralized Control.
  • Visitors Management.
  • Enhanced Security.

In addition to customizability, system security and ease of use, the benefits of Nice to Meet You include the very important factor of alignment with global warming concerns. Phone-based ID cards – digital means of verifying identity – eliminate depletion of vital resources or waste creation.

Isn’t it time you joined the 70% of companies embracing digital transformation? You don’t want to see prospects go elsewhere because you’re not keeping up with the latest technology.

Contact Nice to Meet You team. They can help you further explore the benefits of digitizing your employee ID. And share the steps you can take to use the authentication capabilities of phone-based identifications, access cards and visitor management solutions, and related products to enhance security and provide centralized control, manage visitors, and protect company assets.

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